Customer Survey

Providing connectors of superior quality is critical to our success as a connector manufacturer. So too, is superior customer service. Incon would appreciate your feedback relative to our performance on both.

Thank you for your continued support of Incon and your participation in this survey. This feedback will enable us to develop new processes and continue to improve our procedures and personnel as we strive to better meet your connector needs.

Please read through the instructions below, complete the short survey, and fax or email your response to 603-595-0555 / Thank you for your participation.

Company Name:
Your Name (Optional):

Quotation and Scheduling

Strongly Disagree 1
Disagree 2
Neither Agree or Disagree 3
Agree 4
Strongly Agree 5
Not Applicable N/A

1 2 3 4 5 N/A
1. Sales Department responded to questions/requests for quotations in a timely manner.
2. Incon quotation was accurate.
3. Incon personnel exhibited appropriate knowledge and were professional and courteous.
4. I was satisfied with the technical competence of Incon personnel.

Web Site

Incon maintains a web site at This website contains various information about the company as well as an online catalogue, Distributor and Product Representative contact information, and a page for electronically submitting requests for quote.

1. Which of the following best describes your experience with the Incon web site?

a. I was not aware of it.
b. I have used it with negative results.
c. I have used it with positive results.

Overall Satisfaction

Extremely Dissatisfied 1
Dissatisfied 2
Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied 3
Satisfied 4
Extremely Satisfied 5
Not Applicable N/A

1 2 3 4 5 N/A
1. I would rate my overall satisfaction with Incon as:
2. I would rate my satisfaction with Incon quality as:
3. I would rate my satisfaction with Incon shipping and packaging as:
4. I would rate my satisfaction with Incon Accounts Receivable department as:

Would you recommend Incon to a colleague within your company or at another company?


Will you use Incon for your next connector buy?


When thinking about the quality of service you received from Incon and the price you paid, how would you rate Inconís value?


How easy is it to do business with Incon?


How does Incon rate in comparison to other connector companies you have used?

a. Superior to others
b. Comparable to others
c. Inferior to others

If you feel there is/are any areas where Incon can improve, what would they be? Also if you would like Incon to follow-up with you in reference to this survey, or for any other reason, please specify that below.